'The Outdoor Book' - Backyard Camping Trip Activity

Welcome to the Great Outdoors...aka our backyard!

The Outdoor Book is PACKED full of information on exploring and discovering the outdoors! We had so much fun using this book to learn things together as a family, PLUS a super fun Daddy-Daughter Date with a Backyard Camping Trip!!! We learned about how to position a tent, the bugs in our backyard  - how and where to find them, plants and flowers that we have planted as well some plants that have bloomed spontaneously, different types of clouds, and phases of the moon!

Here are some tips from The Outdoor Book to help you in our Backyard Adventures!

Setting Up Camp Tips:

*"If it's cool, face the tent east. The Sun rises in the east and can start to warm your tent."
*"If it's hot, pitch in an area that will be in the shade during the heat of the day. Get up early too, before the tent heats up."
*"Find a patch of flat ground and clear any sticks and stones from the tent site."
*"Rivers and lakes attract insects and can flood in heavy rain, so don't pitch too close to water. If you're on a slope, make sure the door is downhill, so rainwater doesn't run into it. Make sure you have a water supply nearby too."

Encouraging Bugs:

*"Letting grass and weeds grow creates feeding, nesting and hiding places for bugs and other creatures. Don't ever disturb overgrown areas."*"Make a hole through a piece of orange using a pen or pencil. Push string through the hole and tie a knot. Hang the string on a tree or bush. Butterflies will come and feed on the sweet juice."*Use an upside-down flowerpot to make a nest for bees. Fill a flowerpot with grass cuttings. Turn it upside down and half-bury it in soil or long grass."

Plants:*Some plants are edible, and by knowing which ones are indigenous to the area, you can know how to survive in the woods. Not all plants are edible so be careful before tasting, or even touching. We found that we have some random mint and marshmallow plants growing in our backyard!
*By planting seeds, we can grow our own plants! We have a raspberry bush growing in our garden area! We love picking raspberries in the summer!

Clouds*Knowing cloud patterns can help you know when bad weather is coming.
*Types of Clouds: "Cumulonimbus clouds - Tall, dark storm clouds that stretch up into the sky."
  • "Cirrocumulus - Tiny, fluffy white clouds."
  • "Altocumulus - Small, fluffy white clouds."
  • "Cirrus - Wispy, white clouds, like strands of hair."
  • "Nimbostratus - A thick, dark blanket of cloud."
  • "Cirrostratus - A thin, white blanket across the sky, making the Sun look hazy."
  • "Stratus - A featureless, dull blanket of pale cloud low in the sky."
*Cloud Forecasting: "Stratus and Nimbostratus - might mean drizzling rain or snow."
  • "Cirrostratus - might mean drizzle, mist, or fog."
  • "Cirrus and Altocumulus - might mean changeable weather."
  • "Cumulus - might mean rain, if the clouds get bigger, or fair weather if they stay the same size throughout the day.
We saw Cirrus clouds, which may have meant changeable weather! :)

Phases of the Moon:
*"As the moon travels around the Earth, the Sun lights up different parts of it. You can watch the moon appear to shape throughout the month."

The moon is currently a Crescent Moon phasing into a Half Moon:

We had so much fun with this activity. My favorite part of doing these activities is that it gives me some wonderful opportunities to spend time with my family while sharing the books I love so much. Sometimes it's easy to forget all the wonders of the places we live, but we really do have wondrous things happening all around  us...even in our own backyard!! This activity was a wonderful reminder of the beauties of nature of our very own home! There truly is "No place like home!" :) 

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