'Costumes Around the World' - Venetian Masks Activity

Venice, Italy was founded in 421 AD. It is made up of 114 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. The first people to settle in Venice were Roman refugees fleeing from Hun invasions. By the fifteenth century, Venice had become an important trading hub and traded goods with other European and Eastern countries.

Venice is largely known for its involvement in the Renaissance artistic movement. Due to the flourishing trade relationships with other countries as well as the growing population of foreign merchants settling in the area, Venetian culture had been largely influenced by many different cultures.

Venetian masks are traditionally worn for the Carnival of Venice and are characterized by their ornate design, and feature bright colors with a Baroque design. There are many different types of masks that have been worn historically, from masks that cover the whole face (bauta) or eye masks (Columbina).

To spotlight our Book of the Week, Costumes of the World, and to celebrate the beauty of Venetian culture, our family created our very own Venetian Columbina-style masks together! My girls are all about their bling, so they sure had a BLAST decorating their masks! We also learned that our cat loves her bling too as she didn't want to leave all that glitter alone!

Venetian Columbina-Style Masks Activity:


"Masquerade" masks (I was able to find these pre-made ones at Hobby Lobby)
Glue (I used Costume and Mask glue, also found at Hobby Lobby)
Embellishments (multi-colored glitter and feathers)

As these masks came already made, all we had to do was personalize them by adding our own creative flare!

As a special 'treat' for my VIP's only, I found an awesome recipe on Butter with a Side of Bread for Italian cream sodas from that I featured for a special date night with the hubby! 


Sparkling Mineral Water
Flavored syrup - Tiger's Blood flavor
Heavy whipping cream
Whipped Cream
Maraschino cherries


1) Fill a glass with ice cubes
2) Add 1/2 cup of Sparkling Mineral Water
3) Add 3 TBSP flavored syrup
4) Add 2 TBSP heavy whipping cream
5) Spray whipped cream on top
6) Top with maraschino cherries

               History of Venetian Masks

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