'Shine-a-Light: Wonders of the USA' - Straw Fireworks Activity

The Fourth of July is one of my all-time FAVORITE holidays! The day of sparklers, watermelons, swimming, and popsicles, and celebrating our country's freedom! Kane Miller's Shine a Light: Wonders of the USA is the perfect addition to all the fun! This book is jam-packed with information about the USA, topped off with gorgeous illustrations, and is such a fun way to teach our kids about U.S. History. Adding in a fun storytime to the celebrations can prompt some wonderful family discussions about our nation's history, and can be such a fun way to spark off the fun while waiting for fireworks!

My VIP group, Literary Ladies, got to have a Book Activity Blast that week, and we had so much fun doing it that I couldn't wait to share this firecracker activity with all of you!!!

Straw Fireworks

6-10 Straws
Paper Plates
Washable Paint
Scotch Tape

Step 1: Make your straw stamp

Begin by bending each straw at a 90 degree angle. Place three straws side by side, with long sides together and short sides fanning out. Wrap a small piece of tape around all straws. Add another straw with small side fanning out and place another small piece of tape around all of your fanned straws. Continue adding straws until you have enough straws to make a full circle. The more straws you add, the fuller your firework will be.

Step 2: Get your dippin' paint ready

If you have littles participating in this activity, I HIGHLY recommend using washable paint. In the few minutes it took to make their paint stamps, we had already experienced several paint casualties. Pour a little dab of each color around the paper plate. You will want enough to cover the plate when pressure is applied from the straw stamp.

Step 3: Dip your straw stamp on your paint plate

For a fuller firework, make sure to get paint on the entire straw stamp.

Step 4: Stamp your firework!

Press your straw stamp onto your paper to create a magical firework display!

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