'Lift-the-Flap Picture Atlas': Maps Activity

At UBAM Convention this year, I had the opportunity to attend the Magic of the VIP Group workshop. Besides getting to hear Peter Usborne speak in person, this workshop was one of the most memorable moments at Convention for me. I left feeling totally inspired to give my VIP Group a boost, and I was so pumped with the idea to spotlight some of my favorite books so my customers could see the inside of the books and have some fun with them so they could fall in love with them like I did. It's such a great way to share the books my family loves in a fun way that gets my friends and customers involved. For our Exploring the World theme, I decided to make our Book of the Week Lift-the-Flap Picture Atlas shows spectacular sights across the globe that represent the culture of the country in which it resides. We can Google real-life pictures to see an up-close version on our screen, but what if we wanted to stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower for real?  What if we wanted to see just how deep the Grand Canyon really is? But how do we get there?

This simple activity was created to teach the basics of the purpose of a hard copy map to reach certain destinations. You can be as creative with your map and country images as you want.


Usborne's Lift-the-Flap Picture Atlas
Construction paper
Decorating materials


I gave my girls the task of selecting 5 map locations as seen in Lift-the-Flap Picture Atlas and drawing them on separate pieces of paper.

As we have 3 girls who LOVE their sparkles, the maps did get bedazzled a bit. ;)

Once all the glitter glue was dry, we taped each "country" in different areas of our backyard.

Then we drew a map showing where each one of the countries had been placed in relation to our backyard. My husband is a structural engineer so he was in charge of drawing the map.

Travel time! We gave the girls their map of the "world" and had them search out each "country" in our backyard. The girls loved following their map to find each country! We had so much fun together as we talked about how to locate items on a map. When we were done with that, we got to dive deeper by going on a Google Maps trip to see the countries she chose and discuss the geography and culture of each one. 

I hope you guys all enjoy this activity! Dress it up and make it your own! 

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