'Secrets of the Seashore' - Seashore Art

Our activity to highlight one of my favorite Shine-a-Light books is Seashore Art! This activity is simple but turned out absolutely beautiful, and I can't wait to show you all the fun we had doing this! My oldest daughter is all about her art projects and she was SO excited about this project, she kept telling me how pretty it was! She is just in awe about how it turned out!

We have an Ariel themed bathroom, so not only is this project the perfect supplement to our Seashore week, but it will be an adorable keepsake of our girls to hang up in the bathroom!


1 White Canvas board (I found mine in the arts and crafts section at Walmart)
Your choice of paint (I chose acrylic so I could use the leftovers for other projects)
   - I chose turquoise blue, white, tan, and dark brown
Foam paint brush


Step 1:
Measure your child's foot. Make sure to leave some room on the top of the sand section to fit your child's whole foot. As you can see from the picture, this step was learned from trial and error! :)

Step 2:
Squeeze some turquoise paint on a paper plate, and use your foam paint brush to gently streak the blue paint across the canvas. I tried to give mine a smooth texture to try to give the water the appearance of movement. While the turquoise paint was still wet, I blended in some white paint towards the top. I waited for it to dry, and then put some more white paint on the seashore line for the sea 'foam'. 

Step 3:
Use the tan paint to fill in the white spot and form the sand. Let it dry. Use the white paint to overlap with the sand section to give the appearance of the water over the top of the sand. Let paint dry.

Step 4:
Fill a paper plate with brown paint. Have your child step in the brown paint to completely cover their foot. If you have a smaller child, paint the bottom of your child's foot yourself. Place child's foot in the sand section of the canvas. 

Step 5:
Cover with sand until the footprint is completely covered. Shake off remaining sand and let dry.

I love this picture because I'll always get to keep it to remember the summer when my sweet girls' footprints fit in this picture. The summer flew by so fast, but I'm so excited to get to hang this up so I can remember all the fun we had together this summer and all of the sweet memories we got to make. Here is to Summer 2017! :) 

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