Under the Sea - Jellyfish Craft

We've explored the beauties of our world on land, so let's dive in and explore them by SEA! For our oldest daughter's birthday, we were able to visit an aquarium and learn more about some of the wondrous creatures living in the ocean. One of our favorites were the Jellyfish! We talked about how their body structures appear very delicate, but touching them would result in a painful sting. My VIP's will receive a special treat to see some of the creatures we saw as well. As a souvenir of our fun day trip, we gave Katelyn Under the Sea to remind her of everything she saw and learned.

Jellyfish Craft


Clear 2 liter bottle, with all paper removed
Blue food coloring
Clear plastic bag
Small weights, such as a ball bearing or screw

Step 1:

Remove all outer wrappings so you can see through the bottle.

Step 2:
Squeeze several drops of blue food coloring into the bottle. Too much food coloring will make it hard to see the 'Jellyfish' through the coloring.

Step 3:
Cut your clear plastic bag into strips. These will form the 'tentacles'.  We tied the tops together and put a weight in the knot so it doesn't just float on the top.

Step 4:
Move the bottle up and down so you can see the 'Jellyfish' move in the water. Our 'Jellyfish' turned out to have extra long tentacles and the weight wasn't heavy enough, but this is what our 'Jellyfish' ended up looking like when we were finished. It's still lots of fun to make it move by turning the bottle up and down! :)  

I hope you all enjoy this activity! Share pics of your Jellyfish!!! :)

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