Thursday, May 3, 2018

Summer Book Club

I can hardly believe it but Summer is just around the corner!!! School will be getting out soon and it will be time to start getting creative about how to keep our kids busy and learning this summer! If your customers are looking for a Summer boredom buster, a Summer Book Box can be an AMAZING cure! Book mail is something fun for their whole family to look forward to, and the excitement of a new book can last longer a little bit at a time than doing it all at once.

If you've never done a Book Box before, here are some tips:

*Post your graphic in your VIP Groups and send personal messages! Personal messages are so important to let your friends and customers know you thought of them specifically and also to prevent anyone from missing out on an awesome book deal just in case they missed your post. 

*If your total order amount reaches $250, enter it in as a book fair to save yourself on shipping charges since you'll be paying for shipping over the summer.

*If you think your customers would prefer to pick out their own books instead of you choosing for them, one option can be to select books from different categories for them to choose from. You could give them options based on the ages of their readers, or just keep the categories more general. For example, you could give them the option of categories such as Wipe Clean book, Mazes book, Picture Puzzle pack, Coloring books, etc. Or even start by picking one book as a base, such as the famous All Better + a Muddle and Match book and jigsaw puzzle!

Offering your customers options can still allow them to pick and choose what they think their kids would like while still ensuring you don't break the bank with your book box options. 

Good luck! I'd love to hear what fun ideas you come up with, so feel free to comment or contact me to share your awesome ideas!

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