Saturday, September 23, 2017

Telling the Time Week: Clock Chalk Activity and Back to School Treasure Hunt

Learning how to tell time is no easy feat for kids, especially on a regular clock face! The devices we most frequently use to tell times are often digital clocks, but it is still important skill to learn. 

This week in Literary Ladies, we discussed some ways we can encourage our kids to practice telling time. With any tough concept, finding ways to make it FUN is a great motivator! Usborne's Wipe-Clean Telling the Time is definitely a fun way to encourage the concepts involved in telling the time, including what the little hand does, the half hour, quarter after/quarter to, and how to read time on digital clocks. I like how each concept builds on each other.

My VIP Group received special access to some fun Lunchbox Practice printables to encourage their kiddos to practice telling time on their own. These can also be used during snack time, or after school. Learning is all the time! :) 

Telling the Time Lunchbox Practice!

Simply fill in the blank of the time you want your kiddos to practice (ex: going home time, bedtime, dinner time, etc.), and cut out the strip. Then tape your time strip and one of the clocks to one of the items in their lunchbox. Ta-Da! If your kids are younger than lunchbox age, or maybe don't have a small window of time to eat lunch at school, you can still do this at snack time and/or lunch time at home and assist them with drawing their clock hands!

Download HERE!

Back to School Treasure Hunt

Members of my VIP Group also got to participate in a treasure hunt using a fun app, Xperiencetheapp! The app allows you to place pins anywhere on an interactive map for your treasure hunters to go find to collect a prize! I have included the script I used for my VIP Group members! As always, you're welcome to copy and paste this script, just be sure to tweak it and add some YOU into it so it's not a cookie cutter copy!

Announcement Post:

Happy Monday ladies!!! It's time for Telling Time week!
This week we are going to be doing a telling time activity and see our Book of the Week 'Wipe-Clean Telling Time' in action, PLUS we will be doing another Treasure Hunt on Saturday September 23rd ! The winners will be getting a FREE Wipe Clean book, so if you'd like to participate please comment below with your city and state so I know where I'll need to set up the pins!

Reminder Post:

Hey ladies! Just wanted to give a reminder about our Xperiencetheapp Treasure Hunt tomorrow!!!
If you're in the mood to win a free Wipe Clean book tomorrow, here's what to do...
1) Comment below with your city and state TONIGHT so I know which cities I will need to put the prize pins in
2) Download the app
iTunes Store:
Google Play Store:
3) Sign up for a personal or business account
4) Tomorrow morning at 10 am, log in to the app and swipe to the screen to the right to find Orange pins on the map with the title 'Back to School Treasure Hunt'
5) Be one of the first ones to collect the pin on our interactive map in your area to win a special prize!!! You must be within 50 feet of the pin to unlock the prize!

Treasure Hunt Set Up *Consultant Use Only - not part of script*

1) Download Xperiencetheapp.
iTunes Store:
Google Play Store:
2) Sign up for a Business Account.

On the morning of the Treasure Hunt you'll need set up your pins:
3) Swipe screen to the left, and click on the Business Pro button.
4) Purchase a 1-Day use for $9.99. There are other options available if you wanted to use them for 1 week and 1 month. I did it just for a Saturday during the day.
5) You'll get 4 pins to place anywhere on the app map, and you'll select how many prizes are available for each location (I did 3 in each location). Place your pins in the locations requested by your customers or where you think people will want to play. I like to place at least 1 pin local to me to encourage my neighbors and local customers to participate.

You will have the option to make this a public or private event. If you choose to make this private so only members in your VIP Group will be able to see and collect your pins, you will need to create a public event somewhere they can all see it, then ask them to join the event, click on your profile picture, and send you a friend request.

While this is still a new thing for my VIP Group, I made my event public and then after the event was over, I have all new users add me as a friend by clicking on my profile and sending me a friend request. When I have a larger group of VIP Members as friends on the app, then I'll be able to keep this private so that only my VIP Group members will be able to see it and collect it. You can definitely have everyone add you as a friend first though!

Treasure Hunt Day:

Once I had my pins set up, I posted this in my VIP Group:

Pins are up in Xperiencetheapp! Let the Back to School Treasure Hunt begin!
*City 1
*City 2
*City 3
*City 4
The first 3 people in each area to find and unlock your pin will get a FREE Wipe Clean book! Grab a friend and let the games begin! Have fun!!!

Your customers will be able to see this screen when they have successfully unlocked your promotion, and you will also receive an app notification for verification.

I had some AWESOME feedback from my customers about this activity, they loved getting their kids involved and told me how excited their kids were to go find a prize! I love how interactive this app is, it really gives us the ability to provide some fun experiences that let our customers get excited about our books as a family! I'm planning on doing a treasure hunt at least once a month!

Remember, since this is a special offer, we can put up a post on our FB Timelines or Business Pages saying that you're doing a Treasure Hunt in your VIP Group and the winners will get a special prize. Then add your interested friends and family to your VIP Group to get the details of the prizes.

Clock Chalk Activity

This activity was WOWingly simply, but so much fun! Our girls had a BLAST getting to see how a clock works in action by getting to BE the clock in action!


Sidewalk Chalk (I found mine at Walmart)


Step 1:
Draw a clock on the sidewalk. Point your clock hands to different numbers around the clock.

Step 2:
Have your kids stand around the different numbers and discuss how the time changes as they move around the clock.

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