Thursday, September 14, 2017

Splish, Splash Activities

When I think of Summer, I think of a vacation from school and WATER ACTIVITIES! Swimming, sprinklers, spray guns, water balloons, building sandcastles on the name it! My VIP Group theme was Splish, Splash, and I dedicated each activity to different water themes that might be included in my friends' summer schedule of fun!

I had so much fun making the graphics for these activities! Summer colors are so bright and fun, and brought some life to my VIP Group this summer. My family enjoyed getting to do all of these things together, especially our trip to the aquarium to celebrate Katelyn's birthday! It was so great to reinforce the facts taught in Under the Sea.

I'm still in denial that Fall is in the air, most notably when I'm grocery shopping and I see all the Halloween candy and Christmas trees on display, so I thought these activities were the perfect way to end those sunny days until next year! I may not be ready for full on Back to School mode just yet, but I'm totally crazy about the holidays, so I'm very excited to share all the fun with you all this year! Enjoy!

I know many of us are looking for constantly on the lookout to make our VIP Groups more fun for our customers, so I decided to share my activities and graphics with you! My hope is that these will inspire you all to find new ways to make the books come alive for your family and your customers. You are welcome to use anything I share here, all I ask is that you tweak it to put some YOU in it and to use your own original photos. 

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