Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Exploring the World Activities

At UBAM Convention this year, I had the opportunity to attend the Magic of the VIP Group workshop. Besides getting to hear Peter Usborne speak in person, this workshop was one of the most memorable moments from Convention for me. I left feeling totally pumped up to give my VIP Group a huge boost. The part that stuck out to me the most were some of the pictures she had of activities based on the theme of books. The pictures she showed in her presentation were so cute, I knew I had to do that too. I wanted to do spotlights of some of my favorite books so my customers could see what they looked like on the inside and we could have some fun with them together! It was something I had been thinking about doing for a while, but after Convention I knew it was something I needed to get going as quickly as possible.

Being a high Gold, I got right to work on brainstorming and organizing my activities as soon as I got home. I decided on doing one main theme every month and then featuring a new book every week based on that theme. I've had some great responses from both my VIP Group members and fellow Uzzie Buddies about making my VIP Group more activity based. This turned out to be the fuel I needed to push through a very crazy summer. My husband started a new business over the summer, and with my own responsibilities and helping him out, plus being a busy mama, I was struggling with keeping life balanced. I wanted to make sure I could still keep up with everything without falling behind. These activities turned out to be the perfect way to stay in touch with the ladies in my VIP Group AND spend quality time with my family at the same time! Win/Win!

July means sparklers, road trips, and family BBQ's! To go along with all the fun and excitement, I decided to make July 'Exploring the World' month in my VIP Group! I knew a lot of people in my VIP Group and my team were going on some fun family vacations to new places they had never been, and my goal for this was to encourage excitement in not only visiting new places but learning about the culture of the place they were visiting. I also incorporated an activity about coming home, and appreciating the area in which we live.

I had SO much fun with this theme, and I hope you all enjoy it! 

I know many of us are looking for constantly on the lookout to make our VIP Groups more fun for our customers, so I decided to share my activities and graphics with you! My hope is that these will inspire you all to find new ways to make the books come alive for your family and your customers. You are welcome to use anything I share here, all I ask is that you tweak it to put some YOU in it and to use your own original photos.

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